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Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Bandung
Bandung Teak Buffet measuring 175 x 48 x 75 cm is made of good quality Old Teak wood also for children's wardrobes, TV tables or bookshelves. Done by experienced workers in Jepara so as to produce export quality products. If you want to order a different model and size, we can make a design accordin..
Rp. 7.795.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Havana
Havana Display Cabinets. The size of this display cabinet is fairly minimalist, but it can store various items. The two upper shelf doors are covered with transparent glass, making them suitable for storing beautiful furniture. Then, this wardrobe is also equipped with two drawers that can be used t..
Rp. 5.795.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Surabaya
Surabaya Teak Minimalist Decorative Shelf. Eight rack storage boxes allow you to store or display more items. The simple design also makes this shelf perfect for a mini-style room. Interestingly, this shelf is made of teak wood so it becomes very strong...
Rp. 4.895.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Rico
Rico Series Modern Teak Kitchen Cabinet with 4 doors and 2 open storage shelves is a cabinet that can also be used to store your cookware with a beautiful and elegant modern design. The use of good quality teak wood for making this minimalist cabinet is intended so that the wood fibers stand out and..
Rp. 7.995.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Gilang
Wardrobe Light Salak Brown Teak Wood Gilang Series, This minimalist wardrobe is made using solid teak wood material, with 3 sliding doors, and light brown salak finishing, this wardrobe is suitable for minimalist home bedrooms, for kids' rooms, for hotel rooms. , boarding rooms, and homestays, for c..
Rp. 8.795.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Rico
Kitchen Cabinet Rico Teak Wood Light Salak, this buffet has a fairly long size, with 5 parts of the room where 2 spaces are divided for several drawers and 3 spaces for the buffet cabinet door model. This buffet can be placed in the living room, in the family room, or even for the bedroom, this buff..
Rp. 9.495.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Altama
Nightstand Altama Salak Brown Golden Teak Wood, this Nakas is made of full quality teak wood with 1 drawer and finishing with Salak Brown and golden teak on the drawers, this nightstand is made in Jepara by our craftsmen who are experienced in making export quality furniture products. You can order ..
Rp. 1.695.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Carlos
Bookshelf Carlos Series Jati Salak Brown, if you have a room at home with a size that is large enough you can anticipate it by decorating the room using a cabinet, or a shelf for dividing the divider, and for a divider that can still give a broad impression, you can choose a carlos bookcase. This is..
Rp. 995.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Wallis
Wallis Teak Black Walnut Display Rack. This shelf design is suitable for those of you who have small dwellings. You can place the Wallis shelf together with the wall in the middle of your house. Besides being able to be used to store your book collection, also put a few small plants so that the natu..
Rp. 11.995.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Carlos
Unique Black Minimalist Teak Shelf Carlos Series. Your wall bookshelf design looks ordinary? Try your redesign with this Carlos shelf. You can place this wall-mounted bookshelf in the living room. The shelf has a ladder and dividers that function as a storage area for each book. So when you pick up ..
Rp. 1.295.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Wallis
Modern Unique Decorative Shelf Teak Wallis Minimalist. For those of you who are looking for a storage rack with a unique design, Wallis is the answer. Viewed from the front and back, you will find storage with an inverted design. This unusual storage system leaves you plenty of storage space. For cu..
Rp. 11.995.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Carlos
Unique Minimalist Teak Bookshelf Carlos Natural Series. Does your room don't have a lot of free space to put large furniture? If so, this Carlos rack could be the right option. With a minimalist design, this storage rack doesn't take up much space because it can be placed in a corner of the room. Th..
Rp. 1.295.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Castala
Display Bookshelf of the Castala Series Jati Salak Brown, this castala bookcase is designed in a contemporary style, the frame of the poles does not stand straight but is not natural, so that this display bookcase looks not stiff, and seems irregular, this display bookcase can be used in the living ..
Rp. 5.595.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Merie
Display Rack Merie Series Salak Brown, Having a well-decorated living room with shelves for placing books and displays as room decoration has become a trend for some people, this merie display bookcase is also suitable for decorating dining rooms, bedrooms or work spaces, if custom design with diffe..
Rp. 6.595.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Pasto
Display bookshelf Salak Brown Teak wood Pasto Series, this display bookcase is made using solid teak wood with salak brown finishing. In this display book you can put some decorative items or displays, for custom sizes and finishing colors, please contact our customer service..
Rp. 3.595.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Mondrian
Minimalist teak decoration shelves Mondrian series, ornamental display shelves have an important role to decorate the room of the house, both in the living room, family room or in the bedroom or in the workspace. with this mondrian ornamental display rack you can decorate the room of your house can ..
Rp. 4.995.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Hamilton
Book shelves Hamilton Minimalist natural teak wood, you are frustrated to see your book collection piled scattered in your home. want to have a bookshelf to spruce up your book at home, you can make this bookshelf as a solution to spruce up your book collection, if you want the size and color of a c..
Rp. 4.695.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Ivina
Display rack Ivina white wash rustic minimalist iron legs, the room will feel more beautiful if there is enough home decoration. to put decoration may cause problems, the room will feel more cramped. but there are some solutions that you might be able to make as a solution. like this Ivina display r..
Rp. 4.895.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Bafilo
Decorative Cabinet Shelf Minimalist solid teak Bafilo series, decorative shelf cabinets are furniture furniture to put items such as display items, books, etc., with this rack your home room can look more neat and decorative, this rack cabinet is made of solid teak wood material with 4 stacking shel..
Rp. 3.495.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Kindia
Kindia book shelves with 1 minimalist drawer, want to have a minimalist shelf in the bedroom ?. You can choose this kindia bookshelf. made with solid teak wood material with 1 Drawer below and has 3 saf or shelf level for reading books or display items, such as alarm clock or others. if you want a c..
Rp. 2.795.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Kindia
Shoe rack Kindia salak brown teak minimalist, this shoe rack is made of solid teak wood material with brown salak finishing, with this shoe rack your home will be neatly organized like shoes neatly arranged in a store, this rack can also be used to decorate the room as a place to display the collect..
Rp. 1.995.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Kindia
Decoration Shelves minimalist Kindia duco white, Has a minimalist house with a Scandinavian concept, wants to decorate a house with a Scandinavian concept like with bright colored furniture such as white furniture, you can consider this minimalist shelf furniture. with this white Kindia duco rack th..
Rp. 3.695.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Adela
Buffet shoe minimalist wicker Adela series, with this buffet shoe rack, your home will look neat without shoes or sandals strewn at your home, this shoe rack is made of natural teak wood, with a combination of rattan wicker on the door this provides the benefits of air to stay can go in and out of t..
Rp. 2.595.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Adela
Natural minimalist wood wardrobe 2 doors Rattan Adela Series, this minimalist wardrobe is cock to be placed in a minimalist bedroom, materials from quality teak wood with rattan wood alloy on the door and natural finishing, you can also custom size and color finishing according needs, please contact..
Rp. 4.495.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Sentani
Sentani Natural Shelves. Keeping the house to stay neat you should do it to feel comfortable. One way is to use the storage rack function as a place to put things. If the closed cupboards are too ordinary, you can choose this one alternative storage, namely Sentani open storage cabinets or open stor..
Rp. 3.895.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Nabire
Nightstand Minimalis Golden Teak Nabire. To make your bedroom more tidy, place the nightstand which is equipped with a closed drawer. No need to be too big, just select the size of 60 cm x 40 cm and place it next to your bed. Complete this Nabire nightstand with a reading lamp so that your activitie..
Rp. 1.595.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Shamus
Decorative shelves minimalist teak wood Shamus Series , if the room of your house has shades of white, you can add this display shelf with young salak color to decorate your room to make it look more colorful and not boring, if you want to custom size and color finishing please contact the customer ..
Rp. 4.795.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Chaiden
Display shelves natural Chaiden minimalis , Display Shelves are furniture that is often used to decorate a room in the house, both in the living room, family room, dining room, bedroom and so on, in addition to decorating a home room is also usual for storing items that are often used until antiques..
Rp. 3.795.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Alvinoka
Alvinoka Black Drawer Cabinets Minimalist Teak Wood. Quite tricky in designing small bedrooms. You must be smart in making alternative options for using furniture. For example using a chest of drawers or a buffet. Not only can you save space, this buffet can also be used as an ornament so that the r..
Rp. 4.995.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Aland
Aland drawer cabinets salak brown teak wood, chest of drawers in addition to its function for storing goods, and tidying the room can also be used to decorate or decorate the room, can be placed in every corner of the room, both family room, dining room, work room or bedroom. to get this alan drawer..
Rp. 4.795.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Aland
Nightstand Salak Brown Aland. Nightstand Aland appeared with stylish modern nan. This little nightstand has a drawer. The drawer is of course useful for storing important files or documents related to your work or maybe your other favorite items. If you want to custom size or color, please contact o..
Rp. 1.595.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Antonio
TV table Antonio Minimalist natural wooden , TV table is an important furniture in the house, because until now TV is a primary need in the home, even its existence has been able to keep abreast of developments. Being a smart TV, which TV now can also be for the internet. watching outdoor shows for,..
Rp. 6.295.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Antonio
TV Table Antonio Teak Wood, Although the development of the internet is growing rapidly, but it cannot be denied if TV is still one of the most important electronic items at home. In order to watch TV more comfortably, a TV table is needed to support it so that the TV position is not too low. Becaus..
Rp. 6.295.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Ivina
Sideboard Ivina Black minimalist teak wood, Sideboard has several functions to decorate the home or to store household items, this type of sideboard is usually also used for TV tables, with sliding sideboard doors can save space so that the room still feels relieved even though the sidebard door is ..
Rp. 7.995.000,- Rp. 11.295.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Albury
Nightstand Drawer Minimalist Teak Albury Series, Nightstand is a furniture supporting bed, generally there is a pair placed on the right and left sides of the bed, Not only beautify the room, nightstand is useful as a base to put items such as books, table lamps, clocks, and the other. for custom de..
Rp. 1.395.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Wagga
Buffet Teak and Woven Rattan Wagga, buffet is a furniture that resembles a cupboard, usually placed in the living room, dining room or according to the taste of the homeowner, its function is to put and store goods, with a buffet at your home will look more beautiful because there is a buffet to sto..
Rp. 5.795.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Osenia
Osenia Black Draw Minimalist Teak Buffet. In matters of structuring the house, every detail becomes very meaningful. Incorrect arrangement of furniture can actually make your small room more petite and closed. The solution is Osenia sideboard with teak wood material that has good quality made with q..
Rp. 6.495.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Clinton
Clinton Minimalist Luxury Drawer Buffet. A small room actually can not be used as an excuse for you to stop being creative in home interior matters. Instead, you are instead required to be more creative in utilizing existing space. One of them is a drawer for storing all your belongings so that the ..
Rp. 3.095.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Wales
Buffet Natural Wales 3 Minimalist Cheap Drawers. When choosing living room furniture, make sure you also have furniture that serves as a storage area. You can bring a Wales buffet or a small cupboard. The presence of this storage will make it easier for you to tidy up the living room to always look ..
Rp. 3.195.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Spiral
Display Rack Minimalist Duco White Spiral , confused about wanting to decorate your home room? gives the impression of a natural, clean and bright. the color and design of this shelf is perfect for a minimalist, Scandinavian concept. if you want to custom this rack with other finishing sizes or colo..
Rp. 7.095.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Hamilton
Ornamental shelves Hamilton iron frame, minimalist multilevel rack with an iron frame on this one will save a lot of space in your home. with a minimalist size to meet your needs. to put your personal displays, decorations, books or documents neatly arranged on this shelf. The use of teak wood as th..
Rp. 4.595.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Twain
Display shelf corner Twain room, Corner of the room sometimes becomes a forgotten part of the room but if used properly, the corner of the room can have various functions. Take advantage of the empty space in the corner of your room with Twain Corner Shelves, its unique desig is sure to attract the ..
Rp. 3.095.000,-