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Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Boston
Minimalist bookshelves "Boston Series" can also be used for modern curved display sizes of 80 x 60 x 220 cm with black finish at low quality prices. This modern bookshelf is produced in Jepara by exporters for export furniture producing quality Jepara furniture products. If you want this sweet rack ..
Rp. 4,199,000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Palembang
The minimalist TV buffet buffet  Palaembang series is made using quality teak wood with carved accents and gold color finishing, glazed melamine teak, this buffet cabinet is made by our experienced craft man and has passed the strict control stage before sending. because it is made with quality..
Rp. 15,499,000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Padang
wardrobe  6 carved gold Teak at cheap prices for a large bedroom "Seri Padang" with 4 drawers and several tundans. The middle inside is a place for hangers and the right side contains selving / tundan and drawers at the bottom...
Rp. 23,699,000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Putri
Minimalist Teak Wood wardrobe 2 doors size 100 x 60 x 200 cm cheap price for "Seri Putri" bedroom with 2 long drawers. The inside right is a place for hangers and the right side contains selving / tundan and drawer 2 at the bottom...
Rp. 5,999,000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Robinson
Cabinets sliding 2 door teak Robinson Series original cheap prices Jepara. The size of this wardrobe is 150 x 67 x 206 cm and is bigger than the standard because it is devoted to storing clothes hanging on the top of the cupboard and there is also a selving on the bottom. To store jewelry and other ..
Rp. 7,499,000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Cirebon
Teak minimalist children's wardrobe 2 doors size 80 x 60 x 200 cm cheap price for a "Cirebon Series" bedroom with 1 long drawer. The right inside is a place for hangers and the right side contains selving / tundan and drawer 1 at the bottom...
Rp. 5,699,000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Palembang
The modern carved TV table of the Padang Series uses quality Teak wood with modern glass doors. This unique and elegant carving buffet is a development of Jepara carving design with a blend of European carving characters and then adapted to the development of the modern world so that a beautiful ble..
Rp. 4,199,000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Kotak
Sell nightstand minimalist  for bedroom size 45 x 45 x 45 cm quality teak wood minimalist box model with 1 drawer. Usually the use of nightstand is 2 or a pair placed on the side of the bed, but if you want to save a narrow space, then you can use only 1 night to save space...
Rp. 1,499,000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Sofia
Couch Set in vintage gold color "Sofia Series" The production of Jepara Furniture uses quality old teak wood, and is done by craftsmen from Jepara that have proven its quality. This bedroom set is designed for your privacy needs by providing furniture that suits your family's needs. This bedroom set..
Rp. 14,999,000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Duco
Dressing table Minimalist  using white duco finishing and Mahogany wood size 120 cm x 50 cm x 75 cm consisting of dressing table + mirror + stool produced by Jepara City furniture. This white dressing table isa use teak wood if using transparent melamine finishing instead of duco finishing. Ple..
Rp. 3,499,000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Aries
Dressing table and bench set  minimalist "Series Aries" made of Teak wood made in Jepara, done by trained workers in Jepara. If you want to order different models and sizes, we serve the manufacturing according to your needs. Please order and avoid our staff to order furniture...
Rp. 4,499,000,-
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