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3 Seater Sofas

Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Dina
Sofa Chair Minimalist 3-seat Set guest table "Dina Series" is made with a beautiful, elegant retro design that is nice and comfortable for lounge chairs, guest sofas, office sofas, hotel sofas, TV watching couches or for the family room to relax. This modern sofa chair is made using full quality ori..
Rp. 9.799.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Dina
Sofa Minimalist Retro 3 holder teak wood frame Dina Series Set The guest table with a famous design, beautiful, elegant, nice and comfortable for lounge chairs, guest sofas, office sofas, hotel sofas, TV watching sofas or for the family room to relax. This modern sofa chair is made using full qualit..
Rp. 8.799.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Kemang
Kursi sofa minimalis 3 dudukan "Seri Kemang" kursi sofa yang di buat dengan rangka kayu jati pilihan berkualitas dengan finishing natural gloss, dan dudukan dengan bahan busa yang di balut dengan kain bludru rivoli abu-abu, kursi sofa ini tersedia memiliki seri set 321 , 32, 311, untuk ruang tamu ya..
Rp. 6.699.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Garis
Luxury Sofa minimalist 3-seat “Series Line” uses solid teak wood that is made by craftsmen from Jepara who have proven the quality of the workmanship. The use of solid teak wood adds to the durability of the product more durable and long lasting. This sofa consists of 2 3-seat sofas and a box table ..
Rp. 7.299.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Amanda
Sofa relaxing 3-seat Amanda Series, this sofa made using a quality teak wood frame that is guaranteed for its strength and durability, then this teak wood frame is wrapped with foam material and velvet fabric of soft rivoli linen type that is secure when occupied and looks luxurious and elegant. Thi..
Rp. 7.399.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Malang
Guest sofa minimalist teak  3-seat "Malang Series" uses solid teak wood material that is done by experts from Jepara who are known for the quality of the workmanship. This guest sofa uses materials from solid teak, unified with quality foam in a layer of velvety fabric in dusty, finishing with ..
Rp. 5.499.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Musi
Beautiful minimalist 3-seat family sofa The Musi Series uses a good quality old teak wood frame for a small living room, guest sofa, office sofa, hotel sofa, TV watching sofa or for a family room to relax. This modern sofa chair is made using full quality original teak wood frame and is produced by ..
Rp. 5.599.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Kuta
Sofa chair Modern minimalist 3 seat Kuta Series is made of quality choice teak wood frame material with a minimalist model combined with foam seats and oscar type synthetic leather cream color with a modern design. There are also models available for 1 holder, 2 holder and 3 holder. For the set of n..
Rp. 4.799.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Chesterfield
Sofa Modern minimalist 3 Seat Chesterfield"Chester Series" with an open seat cover, Jepara teak wood frame. This minimalist Relaxing Sofa is suitable for the living room, family room, TV room and hotel with upholstery can use oscar leather or fabric and colors according to your taste...
Rp. 6.799.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Bulgari
Selling a minimalist luxury 3-seat sofa at a low price Bulgari series with a holder that can be opened, and made of teak wood frame produced by Jepara. This minimalist TV front sofa seat is suitable for the living room, family room, TV room and hotel with upholstery wrapped in light blue velvet fabr..
Rp. 7.999.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: accent
Leisure sofa minimalist 3 seater Accent Series, this sofa is made with quality teak wood frame, with a foam holder and wrapped with rivoli linen fabric, with an elegant design this 3 seater sofa is suitable for use as a casual sofa in the living room, in front of the TV, on the balcony of the garden..
Rp. 5.799.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Robinson
This minimalist 3-seat Robinson series seat sofa is made using quality teak wood frames that are guaranteed quality and durability, then this teak wood frame is wrapped with foam / foam material and yellow velvet fabric also gives a bright and elegant impression. This sofa is made in Jepara by our e..
Rp. 7.299.000,-
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Sofa Chair For Living Room and Family Room

When talking about minimalist guest chairs and sofas both for the living room and for the family room, of course we must determine a few things before choosing according to needs. The first thing is the theme of the room related to interior design, the second is the size of the room and the third is the price that fits the budget.

Factors The theme and size of the room and budget are important factors in choosing a minimalist guest chair and sofa

Why are these three factors important?

With the current development, the need for furniture is not only a function, but also the design and color that will be taken into account are taken into account because it is related to the beauty of the interior design that will be created in a room. Therefore, besides its function, other important things such as design and color are important considerations in the selection of a minimalist guest chair and sofa.

The small and large size of the room is also an important factor, because you have to place the choice of minimalist chairs in the room, so it must be ensured that the living room or family room is sufficient and spacious to accommodate it.

The last thing is the price in accordance with the specified budget. Often the price of the product that suits the design and the room is more expensive than the budget, but if the difference is not too large it is better to loosen the budget, because the voting process will be faster and the results will be maximal if you have to choose more that is within your budget.

For the living room and family room is actually a room that has different functions, therefore the election is also different. For the living room, a minimalist and simple chair will be suitable for a narrow space, but if you have a large living room and want to look luxurious, then you can choose a modern and luxurious minimalist sofa model that looks very comfortable.

The living room and family room have different functions and needs

For the family room which is generally used for relaxing family members and for watching TV, it takes a more comfortable and relaxed sofa with a height of no more than 45 cm, so that sitting feels comfortable and relaxed.


Minimalist sofa is one commodity that has high sales for homes compared to other furniture products, besides sofas, minimalist guest chairs are the same as this is indeed a mere name, but refers to the same type of goods sought by consumers.

Therefore, minimalist sofa factories are competing to make attractive models for consumers by paying attention to quality and price factors. If you look carefully at minimalist guest chairs and sofas, it is very rare to find modern sofas with teak wood frames, this is because the prices of teak wood raw materials tend to be more expensive compared to other wood materials that can be used for making sofa frames.

Why choose teak sofa frame?

Of the many types of wood that can be used, why do we choose teak wood as the main material in making sofas and guest chairs. If you know the types of wood and their advantages, then naturally you will understand and will choose teak wood frame because of its quality and durability.

With a strong teak frame, you should not use other materials such as foam and ugly fabrics. It would be very disadvantage if with a good frame, but using foam and fabric that is not good and easily damaged. Then you should buy a teak frame sofa that also uses quality foam and good fabric too.

How to Price a Minimalist Sofa?

The price of a minimalist sofa is certainly influenced by the quality and brand. That is, the price of a sofa does not always reflect its quality. For example, seller A sells sofa sets for 10 million, and Seller B sells for 8 million.

It could be that Sofa A and Sofa B have the same quality. Why the price can be different? Ok, you have to know a little about trade and the flow of goods into the hands of consumers.

First, the goods are produced by the factory with a certain cost, and the factory will sell with a certain profit range.

If the sofa seller is not a direct producer, then they will shop to the panric and of course there will be additional costs such as profits for both parties, shipping costs, tax fees and other costs required.

So you must be observant in the position of each furniture seller, whether they are direct producers or only traders who shop from producers.

If you already know that, then would you buy a minimalist sofa from a sofa shop or factory?

If you have a flexible shopping budget, it will not be a problem if you can choose a sofa directly from the store with a relatively more expensive price, but if you want to save on your budget, then you should order directly to the sofa factory so that you get a price that matches the quality of the goods .

How to choose a sofa factory?

Choosing the right sofa factory is indeed not easy if you have never done it, but if you or a friend or relative who has ever been, this can be a reference so you can choose the right minimalist sofa manufacturer.

How long does it take to get to the couch?

This is one factor that is considered when deciding to buy a minimalist guest chair or sofa. When do you need it? It is better to coordinate with the shop or factory where you buy it when the goods can be sent, and provide spare time 1 to 2 weeks for delays if things go wrong.

Observing the Quality of Minimalist Sofas

The quality of a minimalist sofa can be clearly seen from the neatness and wrapping material, namely cloth, oscar or leather. But what about the parts that don't look like a sofa frame, foam holders, and the quality of the foam.

The first thing that needs to be discussed is the sofa frame. Sofa frame is an important part for strength and shape, because the couch is like bones in the human body. If the frame of the sofa uses strong materials and construction, then its durability is getting better. There are 2 things related to the strength of the sofa frame, namely the raw material for the framework and construction. For the raw material for the frame of the sofa we use solid teak wood which ensures a strong frame to withstand the load. Our construction is as safe and strong as possible with the addition of reinforcing bars and is affixed using a purus, glue and bolt system that ensures the connection does not come loose.

Second is a foam retaining material. Before installing the foam there must be a foam holder so that the foam is well ordered and does not leak. In order to achieve this, two layers of material are needed. The first is rubber as a base to keep it bouncing soft, and the second is a flexible fabric so that the holder remains supple.

Third is foam. The price factor is influenced by the quality and price of foam which is very varied. Therefore, do not just look at low prices, but look at the quality of the foam used primarily for seat foam. There are foams that last for up to 10 years such as the Yellow EOE produced by Inoac which are rather hard but durable, there are also LJ that are soft and also durable. Soft and hard foam is not necessarily directly proportional to its durability, it is better to look at the durability of the foam from the sofa that we will buy. Lots of foam on the market that has a durability of less than 1 year even only 3-6 months I have deflated.
Fourth is the sofa cover layer which is generally a type of cloth or leather. If you see the price of fabric or oscar available in the market you will be surprised because the price difference is quite far. The cheapest fabrics in the range of 30 rb / meter run until the most expensive one can reach 2 million rupiah / meter run. Imagine if a 3-seat sofa requires about 15 meters of fabric, you can already calculate how much the difference is in right?

Fifth is design. Design is one of the factors that is sometimes not directly related to material needs, but is related to the level of difficulty and the length of time to work, this is what ultimately affects directly to the price of the sofa.

With a little explanation above, hopefully can help you to choose the right sofa according to your needs and durable.

Tips for Choosing a Minimalist Modern Living Room Sofa Chair

Tips on choosing a minimalist sofa not only in accordance with the concept of a minimalist living room, but also because of the relatively cheap price when compared to a luxury design sofa. In addition, the selection of a minimalist sofa can also show the class of homeowners based on the material. However, for those of you who don't have a lot of budget, don't ever force to buy a luxury and expensive sofa. Because in the minimalist living room chair design is not seen from the expensive sofa or guest chair, but from several considerations of the interior design concept of the living room itself.
The living room chairs provide an important influence to provide comfort in the living room. The selection of chairs must also be carefully considered to fit the minimalist living room concept. Chairs provide a very important role, because this chair is what will become a seat for guests who visit your home. The design concept of this minimalist home is certainly inseparable from the role of the sofa or chair as complementary furniture from the living room itself.

Minimalist Living Room Chair Design Ideas

As we know in designing a minimalist living room, we must choose the right furniture to decorate and complement the room. In the design of a minimalist living room chair, of course we have to choose a chair or sofa model that suits the minimalist living room concept. To form a harmonious interior landscape, then you must choose a minimalist chair model that is not too much motive. Choose a minimalist sofa model that is simple and simple, so that your living room is more attractive by choosing the right furniture for this living room sofa.
Choose a chair that is proportional to the size of this living room. Avoid choosing a large sofa because it will take up too much space, so the living room seems more cramped and claustrophobic. For that, choose the right-sized sofa in accordance with the size of the living room with an attractive design. So that in addition to providing comfort it also provides its own visual interest. The concept of minimalist living room chair design you can think carefully according to its function.

Model Selection of Minimalist Living Room Chairs

When you have to choose a sofa or chair for your minimalist living room, then you must choose a sofa that really matches the interior design of your living room. In addition, for the selection of materials themselves, you must choose a sofa or chair from leather which has a model such as a sofa bed. In addition, this guest chair model also gives the impression of a modern living room as we have seen in some minimalist living room chair design models today in various electronic media. However, if you want to choose the concept of a modern classic living room, then you can choose a sofa model from teak wood.
If you have a narrow-sized living room, it's a good idea to choose a sofa model for relaxing or an L-shaped sofa so that your living room will look free with this one sofa model. You can place this sofa model in the corner of your living room. In a minimalist living room chair design, in addition to choosing a sofa model, you can also choose the right sofa color and in accordance with the concept of coloring in your living room. Choose a color that matches the color of the paint in your living room. In addition, you can also combine the right colors according to the concept of the living room.

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