What we have seen so far about banana midribs is only meaningless junk, whereas if we touch with creativity, banana midribs can be a resource that has a high selling value. With high creativity to always innovate, banana fronds that were once wasted can now be transformed into new business opportunities that generate huge profits for each culprit. Here I will review about the craft of banana fronds, wherein the use of banana fronds as sandals. Here's how to make sandals from banana fronds.

Tools and materials used:

- Banana midrib

- Knife / cutter

- Varnish paint

- Mattress thread

How to make sandals from banana fronds are:

1. Banana stems are made into blades, then the banana stalks, then dry with sun for 10 days. Without the oven (so the fiber is good) then the dried fiber is knitted or woven so that it can be formed into sandals

2. The results of drying banana stems then untwisted up to several meters in length.

3. The results of twisted banana fibers gedebok then woven or woven into sandals

4. To be strong, woven fiber glued and tied with mattress threads. Then finishing the product in accordance with market demand. The appearance of banana gedebok fibers is generally dull, to brighten it using water-based varnish paint.

5. Be a beautiful sandal from a banana stem

Good luck trying ...

Slippers from banana midrib