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Dressing Mirror

Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Hindia
Dresser Table Makeup Mirror Set Bench, You can make the right choice for your needs to decorate, make up, with this Indian dressing table, you can make a lot of accessories, jewelry and makeup items so you can easily use or remove your accessories. or clean the make up you are using. This table is m..
Rp. 6.755.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Paembang
Palembang Teak Mirror Nightstand is the best solution for you to get a high glass dressing table. If you stand up or step back a little, you can also use the glass to check the make-up as well as the overall outfit, fun! For other sizes and finishing colors, you can contact us directly...
Rp. 3.495.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Mesita
The makeup mirror frame natural teak wood Mesita, you want to always look perfect when you want to leave the house or you like to hesitate and confused with the appearance of the costume when going to attend certain events such as, invitation, meet with lovers or want to hangout gatherings, meetings..
Rp. 2.595.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Capri
Mirror minimalist round wall Capri series natural, To decorate a minimalist home is a little inconvenient, adding furniture can only be modest, but you can enable a mirror to decorate the house to make it look wider, with a mirror then the room will look wider because of its reflection, and with Thi..
Rp. 1.795.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Bafilo
Nightstand with a makeup mirror Bafilo series, this nightstand has a different arrangement, if you have a minimalist bedroom and it is not possible to have or put a nightstand or dressing table and mirror in the room. maybe you will think if the nightstand dressing table and dressing mirror in one. ..
Rp. 3.395.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Candra
Standing mirror Candra minimalist teak wood frame, this standing mirror is made for mirrors made from teak wood frame material with a size that is wide enough and tall, suitable for mirrored make-up, see new clothes suit whether it is suitable for the body or less. This mirror is also able to decora..
Rp. 1.695.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Blois
Wall Mirror Blois natural teak wood, mirror is one of the elements of decorating the room that has many functions, in addition to providing an aesthetic function, the mirror is also able to present the impression of spacious and spacious in a room. other than to decorate themselves. with a mirror we..
Rp. 2.595.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Jimmy
Jimmy Minimalist Mirror Wall Salak Brown. Wall decoration is a decoration used to decorate the house to make it look attractive, this wall decoration is also included in the decoration of the house or interior in the house, for that interesting and beautiful decoration will make the atmosphere of th..
Rp. 1.895.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Jimmy
Minimalist Wall Mirror Natural Wood Frame Jimmy. Currently the model of the wall mirror frame is already diverse. Whatever the choice, in addition to its main use as a media for self-dressing, mirrors can also enhance the atmosphere in your room. With a simple mirror design, Jimmy's natural wood fra..
Rp. 1.895.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Jimmy
Jimmy Teak Natural Wall Mirror. This mirror is made of natural teak wood, jimmy mirror gives the impression of a spacious room. Meanwhile, as a sweetener of the room, this mirror is used as an accessory. In its placement, a mirror that is used for needs is placed in a public area, such as the living..
Rp. 1.495.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Jimmy
Wall mirror Jimmy square light salak brown teak wood frame. Mirror is an important piece of furniture in life, with a mirror one can see the other side that cannot be seen by the eye and the normal viewing angle. mirror can also be to beautify the room. for cutom sizes and colors finishing please co..
Rp. 1.495.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Jimmy
Wall mirror Frame Teak wood Jimmy Series wall mirror series are often made to decorate the room of the house, for shops, kiosks, boutiques and beauty salons, in addition to reflecting, mirrors can also be used to decorate the room with a mirror that is next to the room can be reflected this can make..
Rp. 1.895.000,-
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