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Dining room is one of the favorite spaces for families to gather while eating with their beloved family. Besides eating together, we often gather in the dining room to just talk and tell stories with friends and family. Therefore a comfortable and beautiful dining chair and dining table is an important factor in designing a dining room so that it is comfortable and has a beautiful interior. Find a variety of models and designs of minimalist dining chairs and dining chairs using quality teak wood from

Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Kurozu
Kurozu Series Minimalist Teak Iron Leg 8 Seater Dining Table. You can set the Kurozu dining table in the style of these unique cafes, at home! The arrangement of the room with this dining table will make the family feel at home in the kitchen chatting and eating food. For custom sizes and other fini..
Rp. 17.595.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Sejuya
Unique Minimalist Black Sejuya Teak Dining Table. The unique design of the table legs on this Dejuya table will certainly attract the interest of coffee shop entrepreneurs because of its durable and sturdy durability. So, make sure to choose an attractive and suitable cafe dining table for your coff..
Rp. 6.495.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Plasa
Minimalist Plasa Net Table Legs Dining Table Top Teak Wood. Furniture made of wood and metal is always in the decor of a coffee shop or cafe. Besides giving a minimalist impression, wooden furniture also looks more aesthetic and natural. For example, this Plasa table is suitable for your cafe busine..
Rp. 7.595.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Wallis
Modern Unique Decorative Shelf Teak Wallis Minimalist. For those of you who are looking for a storage rack with a unique design, Wallis is the answer. Viewed from the front and back, you will find storage with an inverted design. This unusual storage system leaves you plenty of storage space. For cu..
Rp. 6.995.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Carlos
Unique Minimalist Teak Bookshelf Carlos Natural Series. Does your room don't have a lot of free space to put large furniture? If so, this Carlos rack could be the right option. With a minimalist design, this storage rack doesn't take up much space because it can be placed in a corner of the room. Th..
Rp. 1.295.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Merlino
Unique Dining Chair Teak Revina Merlino Series. This one chair is made with a design resembling the chair of kings. The material is made of wood and the back of the chair is so high with elegant curves. Are interested in having a dining room design like the kingdom of the past with this Merlino chai..
Rp. 1.195.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Gallima
Minimalist Black Gallima Teak Chair. The black color, which has been known to be boring, can actually make your dining room stand out more with a touch of the rivoli dolphin color pad. It turns out that it's that easy to make your space more representative. For custom sizes and finishing colors, ple..
Rp. 995.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Turino
8 Seater Turino Dining Table. The table is one of the household items that is very often used. Good for work activities, studying, arranging food, to relaxing. One of them is the Turino table, this table is used to organize food in your dining room, which is quite famous for its quality. For custom ..
Rp. 9.995.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Eliva
Dining Table Natural Teak Iron Plate Eliva Series, are looking for a large dining table, which is enough for 8 to 10 chairs or people, you can choose this Eliva dining table as an option, this table has a sturdy construction, the leg frame is made of material an iron plate that makes the appearance ..
Rp. 9.595.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Eston
Dining Table Eston Solid Teak Salak Brown, Minimalist Eston Dining Table, Salak brown teak, this dining table is made in Jepara, with solid teak wood material, the size and model of this Eston dining table is suitable for making cafe tables, or restaurants, for custom size and color finishing please..
Rp. 3.995.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Eliva
Dining Table Eliva Teak Black Iron Leg Plate, this eliva dining table is designed for semi-outdoor dining table, made with sturdy material from iron plate on its legs and teak wood on its thick leaves, this dining table is enough for 6 to 8 chairs or people, for other custom sizes and finishing colo..
Rp. 6.595.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Venezia
Round Dining Table Venezia White Wash Rustic, the round dining table becomes one of the most requested dining tables, usually to fill cafes, restaurants, this round table model is also quite popular for receptions, if you are interested in this Venezia table with Other finishing sizes and colors ple..
Rp. 4.995.000,-
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