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Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Melani
Minimalist Dining Stool Melani Iron Legs Series. If you feel the dining room looks monotonous, you should provide a different bench design. Of course this bench must be simple so that it takes up space. Some simple bench designs that are very suitable to be placed in the dining room for example this..
Rp. 2.495.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Alexa
2 Seater Minimalist Sofa Rivoli Nimbus Alexa Series. With the calm nimbus color of rivoli, even the eyes will be fixed on this one Alexa sofa. Very fitting if you want to bring a pleasant chic impression in your room. Thick foam is also ready to support your tired body after work or traveling. For o..
Rp. 4.695.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Astana
Astana Minimalist Teak Sofa Sofa Minimalist Chairs. The neutral color of this Astana sofa makes it very suitable for you to place it in your interior room. You can also place it on the terrace if you want to create a semi-outdoor feel. More and more multifunctional! For custom sizes, finishing color..
Rp. 4.195.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Elita
Elita Series Teak Natural Minimalist Garden Dining Bench. Usually on weekends someone prefers quality time with family. Besides spending time to eat and hang out together, there is just the desire to breathe fresh air outside the home. With this Elita bench, you can take advantage to enjoy your qual..
Rp. 1.995.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Curvey
Minimalist Teak Curvey Relaxing Garden Bench. This teak bench is famous for its elegant and timeless style. Incorporating arches into the design of chairs and backs, Curvey benches often create a vintage feel when applied to your home. If you want a custom size or color finish, please contact our cu..
Rp. 3.995.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Faine
Minimalist Guest Terrace Teak Bench Faine Series. Relaxing on the porch will feel complete when accompanied by a reliable Faine bench that is not only beautiful but also comfortable to use. Sitting with your eyes closed on the porch and emptying your mind for a moment can be a form of rest that migh..
Rp. 3.595.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Cuba
Cuba Stool Minimalist Brown Salak. Decorations such as Cuba stool accented can strengthen the minimalist look on the porch of your home. Create a natural minimalist terrace atmosphere with the selection of teak furniture. The result, your terrace will look more decorative! If you want a custom size ..
Rp. 1.195.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Cerry
Minimalist Terrace Bench Seats Cerry Teak Salak Brown. Prefer to entertain guests outside the home or inside? No need to be confused, with a Cerry bench designed suitable for indoor or outdoor. Well, this beautiful bench is ready to be used to welcome guests wherever you welcome them. If you want a ..
Rp. 4.595.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Toro
Simple Toro Minimalist Bench Teak Natural. If your house wants to have a different look, you can use a minimalist bench like the Toro bench. This minimalist bench model appears very simple but still classy, ​​also suitable for use in the outdoor area of ​​your home and combined with a patio table to..
Rp. 995.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Peru
Relaxing Bench Natural Minimalist Peru Park. To decorate a minimalist terrace, you should apply a simpler concept, but still attractive like this Peru bench. Avoid excessive decoration because it can make a small terrace look crowded. If you want a custom size or color please contact our customer se..
Rp. 3.395.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Badung
Park Bench Relaxing Minimalist Natural Solid Teak Badung Series. If you have a back porch or front of the house that is wide enough, take advantage of the terrace as a comfortable lounge. Create a natural minimalist terrace atmosphere with the selection of Badung bench furniture made from wood. If y..
Rp. 3.395.000,-
Brand: Teak PalaceModel: Centuri
Park bench Minimalist teak Wood Salak brown Centuri series, has a garden or yard that is quite spacious it feels fun, with the garden we can relax doing outdoor activities, relaxing sunbathing like a holiday, to support the garden yard so that it can be made to relax and relax . You can add a bench ..
Rp. 2.895.000,-
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